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Binding Death Nomination

If you’re like most of us, when your super statement comes in the mail, you open it up, check the balance, and then toss it in a drawer.  Now, go to that drawer, pull it out, and have a look – Have you made a binding death nomination?

A binding death nomination ensures that your super […]

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Super co-contribution

If most of us rely solely on the mandatory employer superannuation contributions, we still won’t have enough to finance a comfortable retirement.  That’s why so many people top up their superannuation with a personal contribution.  Most people can do this via salary sacrifice; others up to make a small payment a couple of times a […]

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Why are you renovating?

For many of us, the family home is one of our biggest assets.  We love our homes; we want them to be warm, comfortable, loving places for our families.  And sometimes, that means we renovate them to better reflect our tastes and the needs of our family.  But are you renovating wisely – or are you […]

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Preservation age

Once you start looking into your super, it won’t take long before you run across the phrase, “preservation age”.  What is that, and what is yours?

Simply speaking, the preservation age is the age at which you can access your super.  It’ll vary depending on when you were born.

If you were born before 1 July 1960, […]

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