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Transition to Retirement

Transition to Retirement has been called “Australia’s best kept secret,” and for good
reason. As the law currently stands, workers aged over 56 can access their superannuation while they are employed, and continue to pay into their superannuation via salary sacrifice, thus lowering their overall tax rate. After all, superannuation is only taxed at 15%, so if you’re in […]

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Do you need a Budget?

It’s something of a given in the personal finance world that every single person needs a budget – that every single person must account for every cent of their money, or they are doomed to a life of endless credit card bills, uncontrollable debt, and living on dog food.

The truth is, you may not need […]

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What to Buy in February

Part of saving money is, well, saving money!  By looking in the clearance racks you can save some serious money – which can then be put towards growing your wealth!

So, what should you look for in February?

Summer clearance items like clothes, shoes, and swimwear – If you have kids, buy a size (or two!) up […]

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